The Challenge
Develop a campaign that keeps Zipsters engaged while highlighting the usefulness of Zipcar to potential customers.

The Insight
The majority of Zipcar users are college students or young urbanites who are tech-savvy and active in social media. Zipsters primarily use one or two cars.

The Solution
Using social media, each Zipcar creates its own account, allowing users to “friend” their favorite cars. Through posts and tags, a community of Zipsters, and their friends, develops around each car.

Social Media: Throughout the duration of their reserved time, Zipsters are able to post to their Zipcar’s social media accounts using the Zipcar app.


Get the picture?: Users can “friend” their favorite Zipcars, allowing them to follow their activity and tag them in posts. Posts appear in friends’ newsfeeds, creating an online community as well as giving a first-person account of how fun and easy it is to use Zipcar.


I "Like" that: When a friend tags their Zipcar in a post, it shows up in their friends' newsfeeds. Likes and comments spread the posts, and Zipcar's benefits, throughout the social media universe.


#morethanfunandgames: In addition to the fun, each Zipcar can "talk" to its users and develop a relationship. Information about maintenance, special offers and availability is easily passed on to followers.