More to get more

Capital One and their Partners regularly select PLCC and Co-Brand cardholders who are likely to qualify for a credit line increase. Instead of using a standard letter format, the creative team created self-mailers and follow up emails that focused on the exclusivity of the offer and heavily leveraged partner branding.

This redesigned effort led to a doubled response rate and sales increases of over $40MM. Not bad for a trifold mailer!


Partner voice and brand assets along with a simple, bold design assure this piece stands out from the rest of your mail.

Leveraging partner branding doubles the value of this piece, as it drives customer engagement with an exclusive cardholder offer as well as an invitation for a credit limit increase.

A cardholder offer and seasonal message add a sense of urgency and incentive to increasing your credit limit. The piece also drives traffic to the store, which benefits both Capital One and the Partner.

Follow up emails leverage Partner branding and highlight the ease of requesting a credit limit increase.

Movable Ink technology personalizes the credit card image to feature the cardholders name, leading to a greater customer connection.

The bold header puts the Partner first while delivering a strong branded message to the cardholder's inbox.

Branding and Partner voice are leveraged in all phases of the campaign, even when the email is technically considered a service communication.