The Game that Tests Your Game

If Zynga and had a baby, it would be Gameface. More laid back than dating sites and less superficial than Tinder, Gameface was about making connections in a fun, competitive environment. Through a series of questions, the Host would find the Player who they best matched with through the process of elimination. Once connected, it was up to the Host and the winning Player where they went from there. Would they just be friends…or could it lead to something more? Find out for yourself!


Let's get together: Borrowing from the dating gameshow format, Gameface was a fun, easy way to make connections online—and off.

You're quite dashing: Keep your profile up to date, take a look at who's out there, and keep track of your social life with the dashboard.

It's game time: Hosting a game is easy and only takes a minute to set up. Ask questions geared toward the connection you'd like to make and let your match find you.

I want to play: Browse games and find out how you stack up against the competition. The more games you play, the more connections you make.