The Challenge
Zantac is often confused with Xanax and Zoloft, both of which are antidepressants. Create a campaign that distinguishes Zantac as an acid reducer. 

The Insight
Zantac's strange sounding name stands in contrast to its mild nature. Fast acting and effective, Zantac can be taken as often as needed with almost no side effects.

The Solution
A lighthearted campaign that highlights Zantac’s effectiveness and alleviates fear of its strange-sounding name.

Print/Digital Periodical Ads: Inspired by The New Yorker cartoons, quarter- and half-page ads tell a story throughout each issue.

Digital Ads: Placed on food and recipe sites, these ads remind heartburn sufferers that Zantac can allow them to enjoy their favorite foods without discomfort.

Guerilla Ads: Printed on recipes for foods most likely to cause GI discomfort, these ads show that Zantac is an essential ingredient for any meal.

Mobile App: Heartburn sufferers are empowered by tracking their foods and symptoms. The app assists users in recognizing triggers as well as educating them about their diet and health.