The Challenge
Windy City Rollers is a four-team league, not a single team, as is the common misconception. Create a campaign that highlights each team and gives fans a reason to choose a favorite.

The Insight
Chicagoans feel deep, emotional connections to their neighborhoods and take great pride in where they live.

The Solution
Align each team with a prominent neighborhood to capture Chicago’s inherent geographical rivalries.

Graffitied Billboards: Innocuous looking billboards are displayed for a short time before being “graffitied” by the four Windy City Rollers teams, dividing the city into their respective “turf”.

Claiming Their Turf: Fake graffiti and other tags claim one of Chicago’s North Side neighborhoods for the Lakeview Manic Attackers.

Getting the Word Out: Commuter newspapers appear to be graffitied by the team that represents the area, driving traffic to their Facebook page and providing details about upcoming bouts.

Social Media: Each team creates a Facebook page to provide information about skaters, bouts, prebout rallies, etc. as well as allowing fans to interact with each other.

Social Media Apps: Applications allow users to post in “graffiti-type” and see what they, or a friend, would look like after participating in a Windy City Rollers bout.